A Pet's Place of Clearwater Inc.

For Grooming, Boarding and Veterinary Services

(727) 461-4393

410 S Pegasus Ave.

Clearwater, FL 33765

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Our Staff


Dr. Cowden is the owner and Veterinarian here at A Pet's Place. He is a graduate of Auburn University. He started his practice in Clearwater at Keene Road Animal Hospital. In 1996 he moved to the current location 410 S Pegasus ave. Dr Cowden and his wife Lynda had 2 children which many clients still remember as they came to work everyday, a Golden Retriever, Kracker and a cat, Sushi 


Corinna came to work for Dr. Cowden in June of 1995 at the Keene Road Pinellas County Location. She is a certified veterinary technician for A Pet's Place and also the groomer. She is the person that takes care of your pet before, during and after surgery. She has been working in the veterinary field since 1988. She has a genuine love of animals and it shows. Corinna has 2 children, and 1 dog, Penny.


Lynda is a certified veterinary technician and graduate of Abraham Baldwin Technical College. She has additional specialization in ophthalmology. In fact, she was Dr. Cowden's technical instructor in veterinary school at Auburn University. When we students couldn't, Lynda could. I know many animals owe their vision and lives to Lynda's care and the high standard's of care which she demanded from each student in ophthalmology. Lynda started Keene Road Animal Hospital with Dr Cowden, and there were days;even after she became a stay at home mom, when Dr Cowden had to call her in to help get blood or an IV started in a patient with bad veins.







Alazae is our clinic dog. She came to us from an abandoned boat yard where she was the guard dog. Because of her difficult start she did not do well when rehomed in society and quickly was classified as dangerous. She returned to A Pet's Place and has lived here for many years and saved many dogs lives by donating her blood.


Luna is our other clinic cat. She was found here at the clinic as a kitten and placed. But unfortunately she was rejected by her adopted mom and returned to lived here. She also has donated blood and is much more adventurous, so you are likely to see her when you are here.


Shadow is our clinic bird. He is an African Grey and was donated from a bird rescue. He is 12yrs old and can talk well but is shy.


Mikey is our oldest hospital cat. He is the facebook  mascot and occasional greeter of A Pet's Place. I came here in 2009, rescued from the wilds of Pinellas County, Florida. He is proud to say has been able to save many cats lives by donating his blood.  He will tell you he loves it here and knows you and your pet will too.